Director of Program Management Office

This job is right for you if you like:

  • High-energy start-ups, with a brilliant and passionate team
  • Solving problems that make a real difference in people’s lives and well being
  • Rapid growth and the ability to make a personal, directional impact on strategy/execution
  • Guiding innovative products, services, and processes from idea to user adoption
  • Rockstar teammates: an unparalleled team with decades of prior work experience in artificial intelligence, software systems, molecular biology, clinical oncology, clinical and regulatory operations, and related fields

About xCures

xCures helps patients and their doctors beat late stage and/or recalcitrant cancer. We operate an AI-assisted platform that provides highly-tailored, up-to-date information regarding the optimal (investigational or approved) therapies to consider in specific patient cases. In doing so, xCures’ platform prospectively generates real-world evidence for clinical studies and decentralized trials. xCures is founded by serial entrepreneurs and led by a management team with more than 10 successful combined exits under their belts. We are backed by Vanedge Capital Partners in a large seed round, are already bringing in meaningful revenue, and are raising a Series A to scale growth.

About the role

We’re looking for someone to continue building and ultimately lead our Program Management Office (PMO). PMO’s goal is to drive xCures’ maturation. This role will be integral in coordinating our efforts behind and delivering on our needs to manage resource/project prioritization in alignment with corporate objectives; to scale existing operations and operations technology; to support the launch of both new and newly-improved products; to level up our quality, regulatory, compliance, and security practices; to manage large scale internal analytical and technical infrastructure projects; to coordinate software/AI R&D and validation work; and to otherwise leave a positive footprint on the xCures brand and organization. You are highly organized and motivated by efficiency. You like hard problems and data-driven solutions. You are relentless in strategy and flexible in tactics.


  • Leading cross-functional teams to generate, propose, gain alignment on/investment for, and deliver on requirements, accountable tri-constraints (i.e., scope, budget, and timeline), and top-/bottom-line targets for a diverse array of project types (and with oversight as to relative prioritization)
  • Owning design and implementation of our corporate strategy and OKR processes; leading improvement efforts relating to our audit-readiness, QMS, and compliance, security, and regulatory standing; taking ownership of deliverables on the regulatory submission roadmap; driving ‘orders of magnitude’ improvement in operational efficiency and scalability; overseeing software development life cycle sophistication improvements; producing metrics and data visualizations that enable data-driven decisions and efforts across the organization; and running agile software development delivered via internal and external teams
  • Initially serving as an individual contributor with supervisory responsibility over external vendors and/or contractors (as appropriate); the position tracks for managerial and team-building responsibilities



  • Undergraduate degree in a health sciences and/or technical field


  • 5+ years of relevant professional experience (e.g., project/program leadership)
  • Experience in start-ups, high-tech organizations, and/or entrepreneurial roles preferred
  • Managerial experience preferred

Skills, competencies, and capabilities

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Comfort/experience installing and overseeing corporate strategy development cycles, cascaded OKRs, portfolio management processes, phase-gated project reviews, agile sprint methodology, documentation/task management systems, and other tenets of a mature PMO
  • Technical mind/skillset (e.g., comfort scripting in python, querying in SQL, implementing IFTTT automation pipelines, creating complex data visualizations, etc.)

Other Plusses

  • Graduate degree(s) in a relevant subject area
  • Previous professional experience in the healthcare domain and/or working on relevant projects (e.g., in healthcare product reimbursement/commercialization, on Software as a Medical Device regulatory approvals, in AI/ML/NLP product development, on clinical research programs, etc.)
  • More robustly developed/applied technical skill sets
  • Experience configuring or administering enterprise software systems (i.e., CRM, ERP)
  • Experience building out successful teams (at the organizational and/or functional level)
  • Mission alignment (i.e., enthusiasm for helping cancer patients learn about and access the best treatment options for fighting their disease, as well as for driving wholesale improvements in how and how quickly new cancer treatments are understood and become available to those in need of them)


This is a big list. Don’t worry if you do not meet every qualification or wishlist item. If you are passionate, ambitious, adept, and mission-aligned, then we want to hear from you — even if you don’t check every box listed here. True talent shines through and transcends a list of bullet points.

To apply, send your resume and a note why you are interested to: