Tried all cancer treatments but no luck? Busy oncologist? Clinical trials not accepting you? We get it.

Your cancer is unique — you’re probably offered the same regular treatment options everywhere you go, hoping for something different and probably applied to countless clinical trials — but no luck. 

Imagine a solution that’s made for all cancer patients who can’t be treated with standard options.

It’s hard to know what treatments exist and that work just through manual research alone — especially when your doctor is busy with over 20 other patients and can’t put all their focus into finding your treatment. 

xINFORM finds your treatment options in a matter of days with A.I and determined scientists that have studied hundreds of patients like you — growing smarter every day.

The best part? It’s free — and we’ve been able to help hundreds of patients find treatment options in all stages of cancer. 

xINFORM takes in any patient, no matter your circumstances, without you having to go anywhere. 

There is hope. We know how it feels to not be qualified for a clinical trial that only takes 5 patients out of 100 that apply – having to meet all their super-specific criteria.  

We’re free because we only make money by collecting data on treatments that work and ones that don’t. 

We never push a pharma product that pays the most in marketing. Only treatments that are likely to work for you. Always. No hidden costs here.

How does it work and how do I join? 

Your personal info will always be private. 

You make your doctor’s job 5x easier with a report full of info they would’ve spent weeks trying to find.

Your xINFORM report will be easy to read and very detailed — perfect for your oncologist to make a quicker decision on what treatments to go for instead of back and forth talks that delay action.

Learn how xINFORM helps your oncologist treat your cancer faster and smarter.

We check your medical records often to make sure things are going the right way.

We do this to find out if the treatment you received is working or not. 

If it’s working
Our A.I. recommends that treatment to more patients like you.

If it isn’t working
Our A.I pushes the treatment you used down and pushes treatments that have worked with other patients similar to you. 

xINFORM recommends treatments like a Facebook, Youtube, or Tikok algorithm.

The more a treatment works for someone with similar cancer, the more it’s recommended to more patients like you (vice versa). 

Could save you and your family medical bills on common treatments that don’t work, and countless months. 

We know time is of the essence, and we want to make sure you can afford every treatment you can to get your life back on track as quickly as we can. 

Store your report and medical info in one place. Forever secured.

Medical institutions are allowed to delete medical records from 7-10 years ago. No more worrying about your deleted records.


Get your treatment options and full cancer journey breakdown today. (Get it in a matter of days)

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