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Promising treatment options are likely out there. They’re just hard to find. 

Over 150,000 new cancer treatment studies and trials are published each year.

But your oncologist has to work with 15-20 patients daily. 

Making it hard for your doctor to find good options, especially alone.


xINFORM gathers the latest cancer research and provides personalized insights into your cancer.

What’s inside this report: 

All in one easy to read, visual report you can give to your oncologist. 

xINFORM is for every cancer patient, no matter the stage, no matter how rare or advanced. 

Our platform is best for patients with hard to find, rare cancers. Making it equally easy for common cancer patients to find effective treatment options. 

How it works:

  1. Provide medical records/short survey
    Submit medical details, like records, doctor info, etc. Then we can find treatment options within minutes to 48 hours.But if you can’t do this, we reach out to your hospital and get it for you. (which could take 2-3 weeks.)
  2. Gather
    It gathers and structures your medical records to create a concise, visual summary of your medical history.
  3. Evidence
    A.I/Ph.D scientists go through tons of clinical studies, including the learnings of our database of over 1,000 other patients like you.
  4. Report
    You get a visual report, fully secure on our platform. Delivered within 48 hours, sometimes minutes.

Your personal info will always be private. 

We’ll never recommend a pharma product that pays us or doesn’t work.

Your data is very useful to researchers and scientists. We only provide the best options because this will always advance research.

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