Explore all promising vaccine/drug/trial options for your cancer in one platform.

No more wasting countless months (or years) aimlessly searching for promising treatments.

The xINFORM A.I platform constantly sifts through the latest cancer research including:

Providing highly detailed, visual, and fully personalized insights into your treatment options and cancer. In one online report. Including:


Share your options, entire cancer journey, and medical records to your oncologist(s) — 10X easier.

You can now share your report online or print it out, allowing a lot more time for you and your doctor to discuss your best treatment options.

No more scrambling through countless email folders or carrying a huge stack of medical files that can easily be lost.


How do you get yours?

  1. Sign up as a patient
  2. Send your medical records. If you can’t – we’ll retrieve it from the hospital, which has your records if you can’t. 
  3. Get your report within minutes to 48 hours after sending them. 


Why do we need your records? (We’ll NEVER sell/use your personal info.)


All cancer is particular to each person. Your medical records allow our A.I/scientists to:


All this info allows to us make highly accurate insights into your cancer. 



Your cancer learnings help others, their learnings help yours.

The only data we keep is the learnings of which option worked/didn’t. This helps our A.I push options that are most likely to work for each patient.  

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