Explore a list of all promising vaccine/ drug/ trial options for your cancer quickly.

13,000 Oncologists physically can’t help 2M cancer patients. Especially the growing fraction with advanced cancer. (you)

But you need help. With advanced cancer (or rare cancers), it’s hard finding promising treatments with a busy oncologist(s).

It’s tough for oncologists to move forward with any unique treatments and suggestions quickly. Why?

If you and your oncologist want a quick and effective way to find promising treatments for free — read further.

Introducing a free A.I tool that helps you/your doctor know all your promising cancer treatment options. All over the US.

Our A.I finds vaccines, drugs, and clinical trials for your cancer, no matter how rare or what stage. In your state, and all over the US.

All this info turns into a report you can share with your oncologist to discuss action — with more confidence.

How xINFORM provides accurate insights:

Our A.I platform and team of Ph.D. scientists constantly sift through numerous approved studies, including:

We will need your medical records for this to work. Why?

We completely understand why you wouldn’t want to share records; it’s your privacy. Here is why we need them:

We also create a simple, visual summary of your entire medical history. Forever secured.

Scrambling inside your computer trying to find parts of your medical records can get tedious.

Now, you can:

Unable to find/provide medical records?

We reach out to your hospital and get it for you — which could take 2-3 weeks. (still beats spending months researching alone!)

xINFORM is completely free.

No hidden costs at all.

We’ll never recommend a pharma product that “bribes us” or doesn’t work effectively.

Our goal is to easily find ideal treatment options in each individual cancer case.

We’ll never use your personal data.

What’s inside your report?

xINFORM is designed to assist you and your oncologist.

We understood how stressful their jobs are, but we also knew that you need faster help and attention.

We built xINFORM to make all oncologist’s jobs easier, advance cancer research to its peak, and for you to take advantage of it.

Cancer research is at its all-time high and we’re helping by bringing all the research and the outcomes (the options) to you.

Get a free personalized A.I-Powered treatment report with a full easy breakdown of your cancer journey.

Get Options Free
Get Options Free