Cancer is complicated and personal.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed, are receiving standard-of-care, or your cancer has advanced, you and your doctor need to make treatment decisions every step of the way.

The first step in making the best decisions depends on having a complete picture of all your health data.

Now, with a single registration on xINFORM, you will automatically receive your medical records from the institutions where you received care. For free.

Within minutes the platform structures your medical data to create an easy-to-understand care summary.

Having all your data in one place, plus a concise care summary, gives you and your doctor all the necessary information, when you need it.

Upon request from your doctor, our A.I. tools will actively cross-reference your health data against a vast library of oncology data to create a report that matches you with the 10 most promising treatments.

The options report includes the rationales for each suggested treatment and greatly facilitates the job of your doctor, who simply doesn’t have much time for that type of research.

Get your health data organized so you can find the most promising treatment options

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