Let A.I. help you now, and others in the future

xINFORM is a convenient tool that enables patients and caregivers to have one place to access all their medical information in real-time and feel confident to have the complete medical picture they need to get help and understanding faster.

Because xINFORM automatically gathers and structures medical records, it makes it easy for our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms to search for possible individualized treatment options and create an individualized options report.

What you do, in the next 5 minutes, could make a difference.

Register and let xINFORM structure and organize your or your loved one’s health records, and we will help you find the right clinical trials and treatment options available.

With our A.I. system, you benefit from the data of millions of other cancer patients, and donating your data and outcomes helps improve cancer care in the future.

Why wait?

With your medical records in one place and an automatically generated care summary, our A.I. will help you find treatment options.

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