Top-of-the-line options for people with advanced carcinoma

The recent partnership between xCures and Travera could be greatly beneficial for advanced carcinoma patients and their physicians.

Everyone who registers on the xINFORM platform will get a list of personalized cancer treatment options. Due to this partnership, new opportunities are available for patients with advanced carcinomas.

Travera has developed TraveraRTGx which examines how a patient’s live tumor cells or immune cells may uniquely respond to certain approved anti-cancer therapies, including advanced immunotherapies.

Travera RTGx is for carcinoma using malignant fluid from pleural effusion or ascites, body fluids that have cancer cells in them and that are often collected by doctors.

If you have had these, sign up for xINFORM to learn about your options.

How does it work?

The xINFORM platform gathers and structures your medical records to create a concise and easy-to-understand visual summary of your medical history.

Based on that, xCures Ph.D. scientists use artificial intelligence to sift through all the evidence in our options library, including learnings from other cancer patients on the platform, to create an individualized options report. This report includes the rationales for each suggested treatment.

If you meet the basic qualifications for the TraveraRTGx trial, the scientists will also reach out about participation.


Register on xINFORM, receive a free personalized Options Report, and potentially qualify for the TraveraRTGx trial

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Please feel free to share this information with advanced carcinoma.  This might make a very real difference in someone’s life.
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