A better way to get access to brain cancer treatment options

Brain cancer is complicated, but there is immediate hope for some types of brain cancer.

Listen to Dr. Kesari, a world-renowned neuro-oncologist at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, address these points in his interview with fellow oncologist Dr. Juneja (@TheOncDoc).

Both specialists see tremendous value in xINFORM.

Before knowing about xINFORM, I would have never considered this nonstandard-of-care option, but it worked for my patient. – Dr. Juneja

The xINFORM portal gathers and structures medical records in order to:

xINFORM is available at no charge. Patients participate with their data. Sharing experiences with similar patients on the platform empowers collective learning from each other in real-time. Your information helps others, just as their information helps you.

The xINFORM report was well done and thorough. It gave me possible treatment options to discuss with my oncologist
– Lowell W., Melanoma w/brain mets

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