xCures partnered with FibroFighters and the FCF to offer the Fibrolamellar Observational Research Platform

xCures seeks to learn from the experiences of all patients with advanced cancer, prospectively, in an observational research study, and share those experiences to advance clinical science.

For the treatments that show the most promise, xCures engages with those manufacturers to enable access to the FLHCC community so more patients can benefit.

As part of your participation, you offer access to your or your loved one’s medical records and xCures generates a concise structured summary.

You have the option to upload any records you have available, but this is not required. xCures will request your medical records from your oncologist and anywhere else you have received care on your behalf.

The platform accepts records from any US-based institution, in any form, and utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to compile the data into a clinical database.

In parallel, xCures data scientists assemble a catalog of all the potential treatment options, sourced from clinicaltrials.gov, leading clinicians, scientists, and actual treatment regimens of patients with FLHCC.

The most promising treatments are identified by analyzing all patients at once, past and present, with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Bayesian statistical models.

This data is then vetted by key opinion leaders and clinicians, scientists to provide a “leaderboard” of treatment options complete with medical rationales back to patients and their caregivers as a free service.

Create an account in our user portal to participate and, for active fighters, request a personalized summary of your cancer journey and a list of treatment recommendations based on expert insights.

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