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There are 610,000 advanced cancer patients in the US, of which less than 50,000 are able to get into clinical trials. This is mostly due to the stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria.

However, there are thousands of possible combination therapies, expanded access programs, and off-label options that are still available.

If you, or your oncologist, want to know what the most promising treatment options are for you, read on.

Through the xINFORM platform, xCures compiles and consolidates the latest cancer know-how. The platform also gathers and structures a patient’s medical records to create a concise and easy-to-understand visual summary of your medical history.

Based on that, our Ph.D. scientists use artificial intelligence to sift through the vast amount of evidence in our options library, including learnings from other cancer patients on the platform, to create an individualized options report. This report includes the rationales for each suggested treatment.

You can print and share the cancer journey, options report, and supporting treatment rationales with your oncologist, allowing for more time to discuss the best treatment plans available.

xINFORM is available at no charge. Patients participate with their de-identified data. Sharing your experiences with similar patients in the platform allows for collective learning from each other in real-time. Your information helps others, just as their information helps you.


>95% of patients cannot participate in clinical trials. Receive 10 personalized treatment options that include more than clinical trials

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