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Bladder cancer standard-of-care has transformed over the past five years by the approval of many new immunotherapies and targeted therapies. People with advanced bladder cancer now have over 200 clinical trials they could be eligible for, where drugs in different combinations are often used.

Many of these drugs can also be accessed outside of the trials. Although this is good news for patients, it makes it particularly challenging for oncologists to determine what is your best next treatment. That is why xCures created xINFORM.

xINFORM is a platform that gathers and structures medical records from all the providers you visited to create an easy-to-understand summary of your complete Cancer Journey. Based on that, our Ph.D. scientists assemble an Options Report that is truly personalized to you. These options are generated with the help of artificial intelligence and include the rationale for each suggested treatment option.

By sharing your Cancer Journey, Options Report, and the rationales with your oncologist, xINFORM will give you more time to discuss the actual treatment plans available, instead of spending more time researching treatment options.

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