Power and Precision

In the fight against cancer, information is the most powerful weapon.

The xCures platform arms advanced cancer patients and their oncologists with the tools they need to make most informed point of care decisions.

Many patients and their loved ones will spend countless hours combing through the thousands of active clinical trials and endless anecdotal internet stories in hopes of finding relevant information and potential treatment options. Sadly, this is most often a futile effort that barely scratches the surface of the endless sea of information

Powered by Advanced A.I.

The xCures platform automates the search for effective treatments with advanced A.I. technology. Based on what worked for similar patients, and what treatments are actually available, the platform creates a custom options library, including off-label drugs, investigational therapies and novel combination regimens that are far beyond the standard of care. 

Easy for Patients and Oncologists

The xCures platform is live – growing, learning, and expanding daily from new patients. Patients and their care team benefit from the collective data, knowledge and experiences of everyone in the network, and in return, provide their data to the platform for future patient benefit.

The xCures platform gives oncologists and patients unprecedented access to off-label therapies and early access to drugs in clinical development.

Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD

The Ultimate Oncology Resource

With medical knowledge doubling every 10 years, oncologists can augment their experiential and learned knowledge with the power of the xCures platform. xCures’ A.I. finds, suggests, and predicts the outcomes of several alternative treatment options in real time.

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Our Platform. Your Options.

Our mission at xCures is to help patients and oncologists utilize any and all resources to fight advanced cancer. As a technology platform, we offer information and decision support directly to patients and oncologists. We also connect them with third-party resources through partnerships with some of the best ‘patient first’ organizations to expand treatment options and services.

  • xINFORM (Early Access)

    xINFORM is xCures' first solution where we work directly with patients and use artificial intelligence to review the latest treatments doctors have been using and find the best treatment options for patients. Enroll today and be one of the first to get access to the power of xINFORM. Learn More
  • CancerCompass

    xCures is collaborating with CancerCompass to allow consumers who contact CancerCompass to get immediate help as well as premium access to the xCures platform and services.

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  • Cancer Commons

    Cancer Commons is a nonprofit that provides hope to advanced cancer patients by offering a highly customized and personal experience and helping them quickly identify and access their best possible treatment.

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  • Expanded Access Program – Ulixertinib

    xCures partnered with BioMed Valley Discoveries to offer expanded access to ulixertinib, a first-in-class ERK1/2 inhibitor, for patients with advanced solid tumors who are no longer responding to or have exhausted standard of care. Detailed inclusion/exclusion criteria can be found at clinicaltrials.gov.

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  • PROMAP – Medical Food Study

    xCures has partnered with a new oncology company specializing in a metabolic approach to cancer treatment. Their PROMAP study is testing a special diet designed to improve responses to standard-of-care chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer.

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    xCures collaborates with POETIC, a non-profit organization that manages pediatric oncology early phase trials, to get children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer enrolled in expanded access programs of promising therapies.

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The xCures platform continually generates FDA-approved regulatory grade data and Real-World Evidence that is needed to advance oncology research in biopharma and patient advocacy organizations.

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