Together We Can!

Data plays a key role in the quest to find cures for rare and pediatric cancers such as DIPG and DMG.

xCures is committed to creating the highest quality clinical data with the least burden on patients, their families, and their care teams.

If you or your child has DIPG or DMG and you wish to help advance research and development of therapies for patients, you can participate by contributing data to this effort.

Register on xINFORM, our patient portal. We will automatically gather your, or your child’s, medical records and organize them so specialized data and clinical scientists can easily analyze them. You and your oncologist will also have access to all this data to help decide on possible treatment(s).

You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the Natural History study for DIPG/DMG by completing electronic surveys and clinical assessments. The goal of this effort is to accelerate research in DIPG & DMG and end randomization in pediatric clinical trials, so all patients can benefit from the most promising treatments.

If your child’s journey with DIPG/DMG has ended, but you would like to make their records available to researchers working hard to advance diagnosis and treatment, you may still consent. You will receive access to a full transcript of your child’s journey beginning at diagnosis as you fully process your experience.

With the support of patients and their families, we will move the needle for DIPG & DMG research – Together We Can!

A better future for those with DIPG/DMG is within reach. Make a difference today!

Contribute Data
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Contribute Data