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Technology To Beat Advanced Cancer

The xCures technology platform uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and predictive modeling to identify and rank the most promising treatment options for people with cancer who have exhausted the standard of care.

How it works

The xCures platform transforms complex unstructured medical data directly from the patient’s medical records into structured data suitable for analysis and machine learning. Our A.I. engine then actively cross-references this data against the vast digital library of oncology data to match patients with potential treatments and predict outcomes. This empowers patients and their oncologists to make more informed and effective treatment decisions.

Our Platform Speaks Oncology

At the center of the xCures platform is our highly specialized Natural Language Processor (NLP) that can read, interpret, and encode raw unstructured patient data from anywhere in the United States. Our NLP speaks the language of oncology. The result is structured patient data in a crisp case summary for use by patients, doctors, researchers, as well as payers, pharma and AI algorithms

Our DNA Is Patient-First Precision Oncology

At Cancer Commons we’ve helped thousands of patients with one-on-one research for the best treatment options. With xCures, we can help many, many more.

Erika Vial Monteverdi
Former Executive Director, Cancer Commons

Creating Real World Evidence

The xCures platform captures Real World Evidence (RWE) from patients being treated in clinical trials, compassionate use and managed access programs, virtual and decentralized studies, investigator-initiated studies, and even N-of-1 clinical studies. The platform integrates data from all these sources, effectively creating a ‘perpetual trial’ that continuously refines treatments and improves outcomes.

This RWE gives patients and oncologists more options, and researchers more valuable data. The xCures platform accelerates clinical research by capturing regulatory-grade outcomes from real world populations – data that can be directly submitted to the FDA or to support the use of novel combination therapies.

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“The program we ran on the xCures platform materially accelerated our development program of ONC201”

Wolfgang Oster MD, PhD
Founder Oncoceutics
  • 1,700,000 cancer diagnoses/year
  • 9,000 potential treatment options
  • 150,000 scientific articles on cancer treatment
  • Medical records of up to 1,000 pages
  • Yet only 13,000 oncologists and 24h in a day…

The Team: Technology Meets Oncology

To fully integrate cancer research and care, xCures has assembled a multi-disciplinary, boundary-pushing team spanning A.I., data science, and clinical research. The team has solved three of the biggest challenges in applying A.I. to oncology:

  1. Medical data processing: We automated mechanisms to get a deep clinical understanding of cancer patients and structure longitudinal data without adding any additional administrative burden to the system.
  2. Treatment indexing: We created a living master catalog of all the potential cancer treatments, including individual interventions and combination regimens, expert-sourced medical rationales, and access pathways.
  3. Patient-Treatment matching: We developed a suite of tools to match patients to a shortlist of appropriate options using NLP, and rank them using Bayesian predictive models operating on real outcomes data, and expert insights mined from Virtual Tumor Boards.

Latest News

xCures and Oblato announce the launch of a Compassionate Use program for OKN-007

Oblato’s first-in-class small molecular OKN-007 will be available through a newly opened compassionate use protocol. xCures, Inc., a clinical study platform provider, and Oblato, Inc., a biotechnology company, are pleased to announce the availability of OKN-007 through an intermediate size expanded access program (iEAP) for eligible patients with pediatric diffuse… Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Patients Will Now Have Remote Access to Precision Nutrition Trial Through New Partnership

xCures and Vault Health integration creates a decentralized platform to benefit pancreatic cancer research and facilitate enrollment in Faeth’s NEAAR-001 study xCures, Inc. is proud to partner with Vault Health, a decentralized research and workforce screening company, to facilitate the enrollment of pancreatic cancer patients in Faeth Therapeutics’ NEAAR-001 research study.… Read more »

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