Partnerships and collaborations

Our mission at xCures is to help patients and oncologists utilize any and all resources to fight advanced cancer. As a technology platform, we offer information and decision support directly to patients and oncologists. We also connect them with third-party resources from some of the best ‘patient first’ organizations to expand treatment options and services.

  • Aetion

    xCures has joined Aetion in the launch of the Coalition for the Advancement of RWE through Randomized Controlled Trial Emulation (CARE) Initiative.

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  • BioMed Valley Discoveries

    BioMed Valley Discoveries partnered with xCures to offer expanded access to ulixertinib, an ERK1/2 inhibitor for patients with advanced solid tumors no longer responding to standard of care. Learn More

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  • BioSpark

    BioSpark partnered with xCures to rapidly expand the scope of real-world oncology data and help patients and their physicians understand the best treatment options

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  • Cellworks

    Cellworks partnered with xCures to advance predictive algorithms based on molecular systems biology and personalize oncology through multi-omic therapy biosimulation.

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  • Cancer Commons

    Cancer Commons partners with xCures to provide a highly customized and personal experience for advanced cancer patients in need of treatment options.

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    COLONTOWN collaborates with xCures to create a comprehensive precision medicine resource for COLONTOWN University.


  • Critical Path Institute

    The Critical Path Institute partnered with xCures to quickly abstract and structure clinical data to support drug repurposing studies in rare cancers.

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  • CureMatch

    xCures partnered with CureMatch to leverage their proprietary curated knowledge base and help match patients to the best therapy options based on the unique molecular makeup of their tumor.

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  • CureScience

    xCures’ partnership with CureScience serves to better identify specific patients and patient populations that may benefit from a particular test or treatment.

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  • DIPG/DMG Research Funding Alliance

    DDRFA partnered with xCures to streamline DMG & DIPG research and enhance patient care by centralizing the collection and analysis of anonymized DMG patient data.

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  • DTRA

    xCures is a founding member of a historic alliance of close to a hundred life sciences and healthcare organizations that seek to accelerate the broad adoption of patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials and research.

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  • EHE Foundation

    The EHE Foundation partnered with xCures to set up a research registry for patients with epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE)

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  • Endeavor

    Endeavor partnered with xCures to help screen and enroll patients who might be eligible for their PTCH1 clinical trial

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  • Faeth

    Faeth partnered with xCures to launch a medical food clinical trial for treatment of patients with recent pancreatic adenocarcinoma or advanced PDAC and evaluate tolerability and satisfaction with the diet

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  • Fibro Fighters

    The FibroFighters Foundation is collaborating with xCures on an Observational Research Study to advance knowledge about FLHCC across the country. FLHCC is a rare cancer primarily affecting adolescents and young adults. Enroll Here

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  • Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation

    The Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation has partnered with xCures to drive fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC) research and find treatment options for patients with FLC, a rare and often-fatal disease.

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  • Genome Medical

    Genome Medical and xCures have joined forces to provide genetic counselors access to xCures’ care summaries for patients based on electronic medical records from across the healthcare ecosystem.

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  • Institute of Systems Biology

    The Institute of Systems Biology has partnered with xCures to develop innovative clinical trials to advance systems biology algorithms in glioblastoma and multiple myeloma.

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  • mProbe

    mProbe partnered with xCures to leverage their targeted proteomics platform for profiling individual patients’ cancer tissues for actionable drug targets.

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  • Musella Foundation

    The Musella Foundation partnered with xCures and Cancer Commons to ensure that brain cancer patients get fast access to promising treatment options

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  • Novocure

    Novocure has partnered with xCures to better understand the links between quality of life and treatment decisions, disease characteristics, and other factors for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma.

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  • Oblato

    Oblato partnered with xCures to offer OKN-007 through an expanded access program for eligible patients with pediatric diffuse midline glioma (DMG), inclusive of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG)

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  • Oncoceutics

    Oncoceutics collaborated with xCures and Cancer Commons to implement an Expanded Access program for ONC201

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  • PanCAN

    PanCAN partnered with xCures to give their researchers and grantees access to xCures’ de-identified data to improve research, and help their patients find the right treatments.

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  • Patient Record Scorecard

    xCures is a supporter of the Ciitizen Patient Record Scorecard that shows how medical record providers comply with the HIPAA Right of Access based on patient requests.

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    xCures collaborates with POETIC, a non-profit organization that manages pediatric oncology early phase trials, to get children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer enrolled in expanded access programs of promising therapies. Learn More

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  • Prognos Health

    Prognos Health and xCures partnered to enable access to real-world oncology datasets and use continuous learning from every patient’s journey to drive insights and improve outcomes

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  • RenovoRx

    RenovoRx partnered with xCures to help eligible patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer get access to the TIGeR-PaC Phase III clinical study.

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  • SonALAsense

    SonALAsense partnered with xCures to set up a Natural History study for DIPG and DMG, accelerating DIGP/DMG research, and ending randomization in pediatric clinical trials.

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  • Tyra Biosciences

    Tyra partnered with xCures for a real-world biomarker study involving patients with FGFR-mutant bladder cancer. The study investigates tumor DNA to find treatment options if the disease worsens. Learn More

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