xCures Platform on AWS

Software to Structure Clinical Data

The xCures Platform is a ready-made solution to harness more clinical insights and enable new revenue streams.

Translate data rights into data assets

Get real-time access to complete and longitudinal data of your patients.

  • Medical records gathering nationwide
  • Data extraction and structuring
  • Annotation and source verification

The xCures Platform enables real-time, electronic access to medical records sourced from virtually all US sites of care.

Records gathered are automatically processed, with the Platform abstracting the most commonly requested data elements (e.g., conditions, procedures, medications, observations) into structured FHIR-format resources. This immediately unlocks a semantic understanding of the patients’ cases.

All structured data is completely source-verifiable (i.e., can be traced to a clinical record). Further, for efforts that require a more profound or custom level of data abstraction, the xCures Platform facilitates efficient, NLP-assisted human annotation.

The result is an end-to-end data and evidence generation platform that delivers standout quality and breadth within a standardized data structure that is highly conducive to downstream application and turns data rights into assets.

The xCures Platform

How it Works

Why AWS is our partner

The AWS cloud platform ensures that the data stays protected with best-in-class digital and physical security measures. Together, we are building highly secure and seamlessly scalable cloud products that can reliably meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.