Frequently Asked Questions:

Medical Record Requests

How do I request personal medical records for myself or someone else?

  • Who is this for?

    If you need access to medical information, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, living or deceased, these FAQs explain how you can request it.

  • How do I get someone else’s records?

    First, you need to get permission to view the records from the individual whose information is included in the records.  Before releasing these records to you, we will need to verify your identity and the source of your legal authority to receive them.

    If you’re the patient’s personal representative, you’ll need to show proof and fill out the Request for Release of Patient’s Medical  Information form and then email it to

    A patient or personal representative can also give you permission to get their records. They should fill out the Patient Consent for Release of Medical Information form.

  • Where do I get my own records?

    xCures is a custodian of personal health records that have been collected at the request and with the consent of individual patients from their providers of healthcare services (including hospitals, physicians in outpatient care settings, laboratories, pharmacies and health plans).  These records are not in a “designated record set” subject to HIPAA rules, but are instead maintained according to the terms of the xCures Privacy Policy and the informed consent signed by patients during enrollment in our programs.  These terms affirm patients’ right to access, inspect and receive a copy of these medical records, the same as if you were requesting these records from a HIPAA-covered entity.

    Download, complete and then email the Patient Consent for Release of Protected Health Information form to to get your personal health records.