Frequently Asked Questions:

Molecular Profiling Testing

Molecular profiling provides detailed information about changes in your tumor that may be targeted with specific treatments (“matched therapy”). Patients treated with matched therapies may have better outcomes. xCures supports your ability to have molecular profiling and encourages you to speak with your physician about the benefits of testing your tumor tissue.

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about testing:

  • What is molecular profiling?

    Molecular profiling is a diagnostic test of your tumor tissue or blood that seeks to find changes in your cancer. The testing can be done by many different companies and in some cases your treating institution. Other words that refer to molecular profiling are “genomic profiling”, “sequencing”, and “next-generation sequencing.”

  • How will molecular profiling help me?

    Knowing the molecular alterations that may be driving your cancer may help to identify FDA-approved and off-label treatments, as well as clinical trials, that directly target your specific tumor.

  • Can I order the molecular profiling test myself?

    No, the test must be ordered by a physician, who will need to fill out a Test Requisition form for the specific lab through which your testing will be performed. xCures can work with your physician to answer any questions that he/she may have.

  • How does the testing lab obtain my tumor tissue for testing?

    The testing lab will work directly with your physician to complete a test requisition form and with your hospital’s pathology department to obtain tumor tissue, which will be sent to the sequencing lab.

  • What if I don’t have any tissue available?

    If you don’t have tissue available, you can have Liquid Biopsy testing, which is molecular profiling based on a simple blood draw. An alternative is to discuss undergoing a biopsy with your physician.

  • How long does it take to get results from the test, and where will the results go?

    Once the testing lab receives the completed requisition form and your tissue, it typically takes 10-14 days. The results will be available to you and your doctor. You or your doctor can provide these results to xCures, who will use them to help generate personalized treatment and clinical trial options for your unique cancer case.

  • How much does a molecular profiling test cost?

    The testing lab will bill your insurance company. Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of testing when it is recommended by a physician. Several companies also have Financial Assistance Programs available and most applicants who qualify pay $0-$100.

  • I would like to get molecular profiling for my cancer. What should I do next?

    You should discuss molecular profiling with your physician. There are many testing labs that perform molecular profiling. Some of the largest testing labs for tumor tissue are Caris, Tempus, Foundation Medicine, Neogenomics, and Personalis. Liquid biopsy testing using blood is performed by Foundation Medicine, Guardant, and Caris. If you would like us to help you order molecular profiling, contact xCures at