Genome Medical and xCures Partner to Enhance Genetic Services with Personalized Clinical Data

Genome Medical and xCures have joined forces to provide patients with a new level of personalized care. Through this collaboration, Genome Medical’s genetic counselors will have access to xCures’ comprehensive care summaries for patients based on electronic medical records from across the healthcare ecosystem. This information will be used to better inform the treatment of Genome Medical patients.

Genome Medical’s national reach and industry-leading genetic counseling services deliver critical insights and care to patients as they understand the risk factors and genetic implications of their conditions.

“Together, we are delivering the knowledge and data that is vital for precision medicine,” said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. “Our real-time clinical data offers unique insights for patients and providers in their fight against cancer.”

“We look forward to collaborating with xCures to deliver an enhanced level of care to our patients and with an even more complete view of the patient’s health background,” said Jill Davies, CEO of Genome Medical. “This collaboration will have a great impact on the patients we serve, with the potential for an even greater impact on population health through enhanced research for oncology and other inherited diseases.”

Incorporating xCures’ real-world clinical data into the comprehensive Genome Medical genetic counseling sessions is another example of both companies’ mission to help integrate powerful genetic insights into a patient’s health journey.  It brings to life the promise of genomic medicine, making genetic information clinically actionable for patients and their providers while supporting providers in their efforts to deliver genetic services at-scale.

The companies will also collaborate with researchers to use the aggregated knowledge gathered from this initiative to further research and treatment that has the potential to improve care and outcomes across care settings. With this exciting new collaboration, Genome Medical and xCures are revolutionizing patient care and shaping the future of connected health.

About xCures

xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that automatically retrieves medical records from any institution a cancer patient visited and organizes them into a powerful care summary. This summary facilitates the generation of treatment options reports and connects cancer patients and their physicians with optimal approved or investigational therapies. The platform prospectively generates Real-time, Regulatory-grade, Clinical data (RRC) for studies and decentralized trials. For more information, contact or visit

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical, the leading telegenetics care delivery company, is making genetic care accessible and actionable for patients through seven-day a week access to genetic services. By partnering with health systems, providers, labs and biopharmaceutical companies, Genome Medical expands the reach and impact of genomic medicine. The company helps its partners deliver clinical risk assessments for patients, genetic test recommendations and ordering, pre and post-test genetic counseling through its team of expert genetic counselors and personalized care plans. Headquartered in South San Francisco, Genome Medical has been honored as “The Best Digital Health Company to Work For” by Rock Health and the “Top 50 in Digital Health” by Fenwick & West and Goldman Sachs. To learn more, visit and follow @GenomeMed.