Pancreatic Cancer Patients Will Now Have Remote Access to Precision Nutrition Trial Through New Partnership

xCures and Vault Health integration creates a decentralized platform to benefit pancreatic cancer research and facilitate enrollment in Faeth’s NEAAR-001 study

xCures, Inc. is proud to partner with Vault Health, a decentralized research and workforce screening company, to facilitate the enrollment of pancreatic cancer patients in Faeth Therapeutics’ NEAAR-001 research study. NEAAR-001 is a clinical trial of a precision nutrition-based diet that restricts specific amino acids that preclinical studies suggest are necessary for cancer growth. The study involves patients with recently diagnosed metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma who are scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment with gemcitabine and abraxane.

Vault Health’s decentralized research capabilities will allow Faeth to extend the NEAAR clinical trial beyond physical clinical trial sites to patients living across the country. By combining xCures’ records collection, virtual screening, eConsent and data structuring technology with Vault Health’s state-of-the-art suite of patient-centric clinical research services, including telemedicine, remote sample collection, and logistics, the NEAAR-001 protocol can be delivered directly to patients in the convenience of their homes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vault Health and Faeth Therapeutics to help recently diagnosed pancreatic cancer patients access the NEAAR-001 study as a patient-centric and decentralized clinical trial,” said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. “Importantly, our combined efforts will enable cancer patients from diverse populations and socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in research.”

“We are excited to bring our patient-first philosophy to simplify the journey and offer clinical research as a care option to pancreatic cancer patients,” said Alexander Pastuszak, MD, PhD, President of Clinical Care and Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Vault Health. “Together with xCures and Faeth Therapeutics, we are looking forward to rapidly recruiting and enrolling patients where they are, reducing recruitment timelines and costs, and increasing patient engagement.”

“Faeth is dedicated to curing every cancer for every patient, and this partnership with Vault Health and xCures will make it easier for many more people with metastatic pancreatic cancer to access our precision nutrition intervention,” said Faeth co-founder and CEO Anand Parikh. “Faeth would like to offer access to our clinical trials to a wider subset of patients, and by enabling remote access to the NEAAR-001 study, they can enroll in our trial without having to leave home, regardless of where they’re based.”

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