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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
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Episode #42 — 05/25/2023

Can a keto diet eliminate cancer growth?

Dr. Thomas Seyfried discusses metabolic approaches to cancer. Learn how depriving cancer cells of fermentable fuels like glucose and glutamine can starve and kill them. Challenge the genetic disease model and discover the impact of ketosis on mitochondrial health. Uncover the truth about cancer as a metabolic, not genetic, disease. Empower yourself with the knowledge to combat cancer through metabolic strategies and learn about the dangers surrounding us: processed foods.

Episode #41 — 05/11/2023

Cancer Is NOT YOUR Fault

Dr. Sanjay Juneja interviews Dr. John Whyte, the Chief Medical Officer of WebMD and bestselling author, to discuss cancer prevention and the impact of lifestyle on cancer risk. They discuss how genetics are only responsible for a small percentage of cancers and that lifestyle and environmental factors have a greater influence. Dr. Whyte emphasizes that people should not feel responsible for their cancer diagnosis, but they can take steps to reduce their risk.

Episode #40 — 04/27/2023

How to fix the challenges of community oncology

This episode discusses community oncology and social media’s role in sharing knowledge. The OncBrothers, Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rohit Gosain, share their experiences working in the field and using social media to connect with colleagues. They emphasize the importance of better access to genomic testing and targeted therapies and the need for patients to ask their oncologists about these options.

Episode #39 — 04/13/2023

Fixing cancer cells and Immortality

Michael Levin, a biologist studying regenerative and cellular regeneration, believes cancer arises when cells disconnect from the network that keeps them working towards larger goals. Cells become like amoebas, rolling back to a single-cell lifestyle with limited goals. He explains his work with the planarian flatworm as the holy grail of regenerative medicine with incredibly cancer-resistant and immortal properties.

Episode #38 — 03/30/2023

Sugar and Alkaline Water Theory in Cancer

Discover the Truth About Cancer: Debunking Misconceptions with Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Joseph Zundell. Learn about cancer cell adaptation, comprehensive treatment plans, and new developments in cancer treatments like Enhertu and bispecific antibodies. Also, explore immunotherapy, cancer therapy testing on mice, and personalized treatment options.

Episode #37 — 03/16/2023

Eating PEARS can affect cancer treatment?!

Dr. William Li, a renowned physician, scientist and author, discusses how the body has many natural defense mechanisms against cancer. One such defense is DNA, and its ability to suppress cancer cells. Self-care and listening to one's body cannot be overstated in the fight against cancer. Dr. Li urges oncologists to listen closely to their patients to provide the best care. Additionally, small changes in one's diet, like eating pears, can improve gut health and affect cancer treatment.

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