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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
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Episode #30 — 11/09/2022

Starving cancer cells without starving YOU

This week's guest is Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, a physician, researcher, and Pulitzer Prize winner. Dr. Mukherjee and Dr. Juneja talk about a new approach to fighting cancer, by analyzing the internal metabolism of the cancer cell so that we can prevent cancer growth by starving it. Dr. Mukherjee shares his learnings on how specific diets - targeting amino acids and other nutrients - in combination with other therapies, can help patients control their cancer.

Episode #29 — 10/25/2022

GammaTile Therapy - A new way to fight brain cancer

Dr. Juneja talks with Dr. McCracken, Neurosurgical Oncologist at Piedmont Atlanta Brain Tumor Center, about brain cancer. Can meningiomas be cancerous? Why makes it Glioblastoma so challenging to treat? Dr. McCracken shares some insights on tumor resection and the techniques used to achieve functional preservation. Learn about GammaTile to precisely deliver radiation and how it can dramatically improve the treatment of GBM in comparison with external beam radiation.

Episode #28 — 10/12/2022

Is post-chemo fatigue heart-related?

This episode's guest is Dr. Susan Dent, medical oncologist at Duke Cancer Center and president of the International Cardio-Oncology Society (IC-OS). Dr. Dent and Dr. Juneja talk about the world of cardio-oncology. What is cardio-oncology? How cancer therapies can impact cardiovascular toxicity? And, most importantly, can we prevent it? These are some of the questions that Dr. Dent addresses in this episode and help us understand.

Episode #27 — 10/04/2022

Train our Immune System to Kill Cancer and Prevent Recurrence

Our guest this week is Dr. Ian Walters, CEO of Portage Biotech. Dr. Juneja talks with Dr. Walters to explain how we can potentially educate our own immune system to kill cancer cells and then retain that education to prevent future recurrences. And what if we could create a drug to impact multiple cancers - via existing checkpoint inhibitors or pathways? Watch this episode to find out about the science that is being developed right now.

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Episode #26 — 09/15/2022

Start looking at what’s causing cancer

Our guest this week is Dr. John Hood. Dr. Hood speaks with Dr. Juneja about gene mutations on cancer growth and all the advances in next-generation sequencing that are transforming the treatment of cancer as we know it. If you have heard of the terms: NGS, genomic sequencing, or molecular profiling, but are unsure what they mean, how they work, and - especially - how you can benefit from them, this is the episode for you.

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Episode #25 — 09/02/2022

Testing 20 Drugs in 2 Days

Our guest this week is Dr. Cliff Reid. Dr. Reid shares some exciting information about an innovation that can revolutionize the way that cancer is treated by testing different cancer drugs and seeing which ones work or not within 48h. Watch Dr. Sanjay be mind-blown while Dr. Reid explains the science behind this innovation and the potential it can have in the life of cancer patients and their oncologists.

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