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Episode #57 — 02/22/2024

Nutritional Strategies for Cancer Patients

In this episode, Dr. Sanjay Juneja discusses the impact of herbal supplementation, dietary supplementation, and diets on cancer outcomes. He is joined by Dr. Krystle Zuniga and Dr. Laura Kerns, who provide valuable insights based on their expertise in cancer nutrition. The episode covers topics such as the importance of protein and vitamins, the role of mushrooms and supplements, and the benefits of a plant-based diet, it also addresses common questions about red meat, dairy, and the gut microbiome.

Episode #56 — 02/01/2024

Bitterness, Immunity, and Cancer

Dr. Sanjay Juneja and rhinologist Dr. Henry Barham delve into taste receptors' intriguing role in cancer control and immune health. They examine t2r receptors, uncovering their ties to innate immunity and anti-cancer properties. Dr. Barham shares insights on bitterness sensitivity, COVID-19 outcomes, and a taste test for personalized diets and immune stimulation. This episode provides a fresh perspective on the significance of taste receptors in overall health.

Episode #55 — 12/28/2023

Sugar, Keto, and Cancer: Acknowledging the Metabolic Connection

Dr. Sanjay Juneja interviews Dr. Christy Kesslering, about the impact of metabolic health and diet on cancer, how cancer cells upregulate insulin and glucose receptors, and how a ketogenic diet can starve cancer cells by reducing glucose levels. They also explore the potential of ketosis and the importance of optimizing mitochondrial health. The conversation touches on the role of growth hormone, the potential benefits of exogenous ketones, and the need for personalized cancer therapies.

Episode #54 — 11/25/2023

Cannabis and Cancer Care

Explore the intersection of cancer and cannabis on this enlightening episode of the Target Cancer Podcast! This special edition features Codi Peterson, pediatric pharmacist and Chief Science Officer of Cannigma. He shares insights on THC, cannabis, and marijuana for cancer care. He strives to bridge the knowledge gap between medical professionals and cannabis. Discover the legal landscape of medical cannabis and its reported benefits. Subscribe now for your dose of medical insights!

Episode #53 — 11/09/2023

Beyond the Hype: Real-World AI Applications in Cancer Care

Join Dr. Sanjay Juneja and Dr. Doug Flora on the Target Cancer Podcast to explore AI's role in shaping the future of oncology. Discover how AI is set to revolutionize clinical applications, enhance patient care, and provide more precise treatment profiles. A must-watch discussion for healthcare enthusiasts!

Episode #52 — 10/26/2023

AI vs Cancer

In this edition of the Target: Cancer podcast, Dr. Sanjay Juneja delves into the game-changing impact of Artificial Intelligence in cancer treatment, together with Scott Penberthy, who is the Director of Applied AI at Google. Get insights into the potential of AI to transform medical practices, improve patient care, and streamline oncology. Explore how AI is ushering in a new era of cancer treatment and find out how it will revolutionize healthcare. Tune in to learn more!

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