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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
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Episode #37 — 03/16/2023

Eating PEARS can affect cancer treatment?!

Dr. William Li, a renowned physician, scientist and author, discusses how the body has many natural defense mechanisms against cancer. One such defense is DNA, and its ability to suppress cancer cells. Self-care and listening to one's body cannot be overstated in the fight against cancer. Dr. Li urges oncologists to listen closely to their patients to provide the best care. Additionally, small changes in one's diet, like eating pears, can improve gut health and affect cancer treatment.

Episode #36 — 03/03/2023

How to catch cancer before catching its symptoms. Exo-what?

This week's guest is Dr. Paul Billings, a board-certified internist, renowned researcher, and clinical geneticist. Dr. Billings and Dr. Juneja talk about new methods of early detection of cancer and dive into Dr. Billings's recent research endeavor on exosomes and how they function to identify potentially cancerous cells from a single blood draw, even before symptoms occur. This revolutionary technology aims to redefine cancer screening as we know it.

Episode #35 — 02/16/2023

Fruit Fly Avatars of your Cancer - See What Works

In this episode, we talk with Laura Towart, Founder & CEO of Vivian Therapeutics, a company that revolutionizes cancer treatment by personalizing it to each patient's unique tumor using an army of 500,000 fruit fly avatars. They use a patient's genes against all FDA-approved drugs to identify the drug combinations for people with advanced cancer. We also learn about their tool, TuMatch, which can quickly find treatments for colorectal cancer patients.

Episode #34 — 02/02/2023

Gut Health, Diet, and Cancer

This week's guest is Dr. Sandip Patel, a professor of medical oncology from UC San Diego. Dr. Patel and Dr. Juneja talk about the gut microbiome, how it affects our health, and especially how it relates to cancer. In this very interesting episode, Dr. Patel shares some insights about his studies on bacteria that can impact cancer treatments. We also learn about antibiotics, probiotics, acid reflux, and the relationship between diet and cancer.

Episode #33 — 01/20/2023

Telehealth: FastPass for Cancer Care?

This episode's guest is "America's Favorite Doctor,” Dr. Laura Purdy, a board-certified Family Medicine Physician. Dr. Purdy joins Dr. Juneja to talk about telehealth and how it's changing patients' lives by increasing access to care. In this episode, we learn how to find a doctor from the comfort of our own home and how screenings and prescriptions work on these virtual healthcare visits. On the topic of cancer, Dr. Purdy also shares her perspective on genetic tests for cancer prevention.

Episode #32 — 12/22/2022

Take control of your data. Take control of your cancer.

Our guest this week is Mark Shapiro PhD, COO of xCures. Dr. Sanjay and Mark talk about the importance of accessing and structuring patient medical records and how they can be used to help guide treatments and improve patient care. In this episode, learn about advancements in AI software that are now transforming the oncology sector and how xCures is harnessing this technology and making it available to every cancer patient and oncologist in the US.

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