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Episode #24 — 08/11/2022

Mammograms, Ultrasounds, MRI's, Biopsies. Do I have breast cancer or not?

Our guest this week is Dr. Anjali Malik. Dr. Juneja and Dr. Malik talk about the different screening techniques and answers common concerns about breast cancer. In this episode, we learn about the differences between mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs and how/when each procedure is recommended. We also learn about breast augmentation, genetics and how it impacts the detection of breast cancer. Watch the full episode to learn from Dr. Malik's insights and expertise

Episode #23 — 07/19/2022

Sarcoma, Immunotherapy, and New Therapies For Skin Cancer

Dr. Sanjay Juneja sits down with Dr. Suresh Nair, a medical oncologist at the Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute and focuses on melanoma, kidney cancer (renal cancer), and sarcoma. They talk about the different types of immunotherapies available. Cancers like melanoma and sarcoma have been "scary" cancers for a long time because there weren't many treatments available. But now, several types of therapies are available, so much so that melanoma isn't considered as scary as it used to be.

Episode #22 — 07/07/2022

What is new in brain cancer?

Santosh Kesari is a neurologist and neuro-oncologist at Saint John's Cancer Institute. He & Dr. Juneja talk about what is happening NOW in brain cancer. They both agree on the importance of sleep when it comes to health and just how vital the immune system is when it comes to fighting off cancer. More importantly, Dr. Kesari discusses different types of exposure that can cause brain cancer as well as some of the new treatments available to brain cancer patients

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