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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
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Episode #65 — 06/15/2024

The Future of Healthcare: AI and Wearables

Discover the future of healthcare with Dr. Daniel Kraft. Explore AI, wearables, and digital health in cancer care, and the potential of multiomics data and predictive analytics to revolutionize patient outcomes. Join the discussion on integrating cutting-edge advancements into everyday practice and navigating the evolving healthcare landscape. Don't miss this riveting exploration of technology, medicine, and innovation.

Episode #64 — 06/01/2024

How Everyday Exposures Increase Cancer Risk

Investigative reporter Kristina Marusic delves into the connection between environmental exposures and cancer risk, sharing her sister's diagnosis and the effects of everyday chemicals. She emphasizes reducing pesticide exposure, filtering air and water, and using safer personal care products. Marusic advocates for regulatory changes and encourages listeners to urge lawmakers to prioritize cancer prevention. Tune in to discover how small lifestyle changes can significantly lower cancer risk.

Episode #63 — 05/21/2024

Immunotherapy and Vaccines to Beat Kidney Cancer

Dr. David Braun discusses the exciting advancements in cancer vaccines and immunotherapy. He explains how the immune system can be harnessed to target and eliminate cancer cells, particularly in kidney cancer. He also discusses the potential for preventive vaccines and the future of curative treatments for cancer. This episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the cutting-edge research and possibilities in cancer immunotherapy.

Episode #62 — 05/04/2024

The Vaccine That Could End Breast Cancer

Dr. Amit Kumar discusses the groundbreaking concept of a vaccine for cancer. He explains how they have identified "retired proteins" that are only produced during specific periods of life, such as lactation, and reappear when cancer cells arise. By vaccinating individuals after they no longer need these proteins, the immune system can be trained to target and destroy cancer cells. Dr. Kumar shares the progress in developing a vaccine for breast cancer and other types of cancers as well.

Episode #61 — 04/20/2024

Fighting Cancer Smarter: The Power of Data

Dr. Sanjay Juneja interviews David Hysong and Katherine Arline from Shepherd, a precision oncology platform. They discuss the limitations of traditional cancer treatment guidelines and the need for a more personalized approach. Shepherd uses multiomic data, including RNA sequencing, to assess a patient's unique tumor characteristics and recommend tailored therapies. They also consider collateral medications and potential side effects.

Episode #60 — 04/06/2024

Beyond Pixels: AI's Revolution in Cancer Care

Dr. Sanjay Juneja interviews Musti Kadhim about the exciting advancements in cancer treatment and the role of AI in improving patient care. They discuss the challenges of treating pancreatic and glioblastoma cancers, the potential of hypofractionation in radiation therapy, and the use of AI in precision medicine. Musti also explains the importance of data sharing and the ethical considerations surrounding AI in healthcare.

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