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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
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Episode #50 — 09/14/2023

Surviving Cancer. Advice from 3 Inspirational Thrivers

In the 50th podcast episode, Dr. Sanjay Janeja welcomes Kelly Thomas, Bethany Webb, and Erin Soto, who share their experiences and insights as cancer survivors and advocate for a healthy mindset during cancer treatment. In this very interesting episode, we discuss the challenges of receiving clear and accurate information about cancer diagnoses and treatments, the importance of doctor-patient communication, and the evolving landscape of cancer therapies.

Episode #49 — 08/31/2023

Angiosarcoma survivor leads change in rare diseases

In this Target Cancer podcast episode, Dr. Corrie Painter, a survivor of angiosarcoma, shares her non-traditional journey and the challenges of a rare disease diagnosis. Her story highlights the need for greater awareness and support for rare cancers and diseases. Dr. Painter also shares some insights on the "Count Me In" initiative and how it accelerates cancer research by connecting patient data with the research community.

Episode #48 — 08/17/2023

Does RoundUp Cause Cancer? How Carcinogens are Classified

In this episode of Target: Cancer Podcast, Dr. Sanjay Juneja and Dr. Chadi Nabhan delve into the Roundup & lymphoma connection, explore glyphosate's role, discuss oxidative stress theories, and demystify the mysteries the complexities of blood cancers. Discover factors beyond luck influencing cancer and how products that cause cancer are classified.

Episode #47 — 08/03/2023
The Young Adult Cancer Struggle: Fibrolamellar Carcinoma

In this informative video, Dr. Paul Kent sheds light on fibrolamellar carcinoma, a rare and often misdiagnosed liver cancer that mainly affects young adults. Understand the challenges faced by patients with fibrolamellar carcinoma and stay updated on recent successes in obtaining treatment approvals. Discover the DNAJB1-PRKACA mutation, treatment advancements, and the power of hope in facing this condition.

Episode #46 — 07/20/2023

Breakthroughs in GI Cancer Detection: The Role of AI and Data

Join us as we explore gastrointestinal (GI) knowledge with renowned expert Dr. Michael Byrne. With extensive medical and AI expertise, Michael provides a unique perspective on early cancer diagnosis and the challenges in detecting GI cancers. From colon to stomach and esophageal cancer, discover advancements in screening techniques and the role of AI in improving outcomes. Uncover the potential of AI solutions in revolutionizing GI healthcare and catching cancer early.
Episode #45 — 07/06/2023

Beating brain cancers with.. sound waves?

In this episode, Sanjay welcomes Dr. Ely Benaim from SonALAsense and discusses a groundbreaking technology targeting brain cancer. Dr. Benaim explains the concept of sonodynamic therapy, which introduces a novel approach to disrupting cancer's energy source by exploiting the cancer cell's hunger for 5-ALA, ultimately causing its death. This approach, without toxicity or side-effects, provides hope in treating GBM, DIPG, and other cancers.

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