xCures and BioSpark partner to boost Real World Oncology Data offerings

New partnership allows for a 40,000+ patient dataset to unlock new insights into cancer treatments and outcomes.

xCures, Inc. and BioSpark, Inc. are proud to announce their strategic partnership to harmonize and commercialize a joint oncology Real World Data (RWD) offering. The partnership unlocks new insights into the treatment and outcomes of cancer patients through a novel dataset spanning 40,000+ cancer patients. The data results from the combined structuring of published case reports and comprehensive, cross-provider, Electronic Health Reports (EHRs) collected through XCELSIOR (NCT03793088).

RWD is necessary to provide direct insight and clinical decision support to patients and their treating oncologists through the xCures platform. The RWD is also available to support clinical research and development, health economics and outcomes research, and the generation of strategic insights across the life sciences and healthcare continuum.

“Our partnership with BioSpark rapidly expands the scope of the RWD that xCures is using to deliver on our promise to help patients and their physicians understand the best treatment options,” said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. “Together, xCures and BioSpark are driving a fundamental shift in the quality, utility, and value of real-world evidence. The research and commercial insights from this data will be unparalleled.”

The RWD data set contains a diverse set of patient records, including:

  • 15,000+ breast cancer cases
  • 10,000+ colorectal cancer cases
  • 7,500+ pancreatic cancer cases
  • 5,500+ bladder cancer cases
  • 5,000+ lung cancer cases

All the data will be harmonized into Case Report Form (CRF) structure and allow for complete data source verification. The final data is in a CFR Part11 compliant database suitable for research and regulatory submissions. Highly useful for precision medicine, these data are particularly rich in genetic markers and biomarkers and offer complete longitudinal research-grade oncology outcomes, such as formal criteria-based tumor response or progression-free survival.

Mark Shapiro, COO of xCures, stated, ” The data BioSpark provides represents some of the most relevant and high-quality Real World Data available. Our companies share highly similar values and goals, and their data will provide a significant boost to our clinical decision support platform as well as our RWD offerings.”

“Our partnership with xCures is both unique and ideal. The XCELSIOR platform that xCures has developed is state-of-the-art and allows our data to be utilized in several important capacities that would not otherwise have been possible at this stage,” said Kristian Thorlund, Co-Founder and President of BioSpark.

External parties who wish to access the joint offering should contact info@xcures.com

About BioSpark

BioSpark is a rapidly growing start-up on a mission to turn the RWD industry upside down by dramatically accelerating the speed of delivery of high-quality research-grade RWD. Powered by proprietary technologies to streamline and minimize the need for manual curation, BioSpark is able to deliver high-quality complete longitudinal oncology data at unparalleled speeds. For more information, visit www.biospark.ai

About xCures

xCures operates a precision oncology platform that includes direct-to-patient and direct-to-physician portals. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing to identify the most promising treatment options for advanced cancer patients. 

The platform supports tumor boards and captures valuable data to help accelerate the development of promising new cancer drugs, expand the approved uses of existing drugs, and demonstrate value for reimbursement.