xCures launches xACCESS for Providers

A.I.-assisted portal makes it easier for healthcare providers to enroll cancer patients in managed access programs

Today, xCures Inc. launched xACCESS for Providers – a portal for their artificial intelligence (A.I.)-assisted clinical study platform. The HIPAA-compliant portal enables healthcare providers to easily enroll patients in one of xCures’ managed access programs.

Typically, to enroll patients in managed access programs, oncologists and their staff must spend countless hours interacting with administrators to sign required documentation, share supporting medical records, and monitor application status. xACCESS for Providers streamlines this process for both providers and patients, resulting in significantly faster enrollment.

“Making it seamless for healthcare providers to enroll their patients in one of our managed access programs is vital to helping patients access the therapies they urgently need,” said Mika Newton, xCures’ CEO. “This is our first of many investments into strengthening our relationships with healthcare providers as we expand the portfolio of products running on our AI-assisted platform.”

The xACCESS registration module enables rapid scaling of patient enrollment by eliminating bottlenecks in eConsenting and obtaining medical records—benefitting not only patients and physicians, but also researchers who have partnered with xCures to run managed access programs via xACCESS. The real-world evidence generated by these programs supports assessment of safety, efficacy, and utility of investigational and FDA-approved cancer therapies.

The xACCESS module will be used for all clinical studies and programs available on the xCures platform, including a compassionate use program for ulixertinib (BVD-523), which is currently enrolling patients with MAPK pathway-aberrant cancer, as well as a medical food study for patients currently being treated for advanced pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

Several more studies and managed access programs will be added to xACCESS in the next few months.