xCures launches xDECIDE to help oncologists find better treatment options for their patients

Portal helps oncologists find the most recent and relevant therapeutic options for advanced cancer patients so they can focus on treatment evaluation

xCures announced today the release of xDECIDE, the latest in the company’s suite of tools to empower oncologists and their teams to identify the most suitable, personalized treatment options for advanced cancer patients more efficiently. Through xDECIDE, providers may add patients and review their cases via a consolidated platform, saving them time while ensuring and supporting robust consideration of potential treatment options.

Whether working in a community setting or in larger institutions, oncologists typically struggle to keep up with their caseloads. Individual case review and treatment options research are time-consuming tasks, and no corners can be cut. xDECIDE’s goal is to save oncologists and their staff members a significant amount of that time by leveraging xCures’ core technology to expedite case preparation and research, including record collection, standardization, structuring, and expert interpretation of the records. The result is that when patients arrive for a visit (and/or return for future visits), both provider and patient are assured by the mutual understanding of the patient’s case history. Also reassuring is the fact that expert research has been conducted and presented for discussion and that all possible options have been evaluated.

xCures’ insights are generated for registered patients by two deliverables: a Cancer Journey and a Treatment Options Report. The patient’s Cancer Journey is a visual overview of their case history, assembled from source medical records compiled seamlessly from all institutions where the patient has received prior care. The Treatment Options Report provides a rank-ordered set of treatments for consideration, with supporting medical rationales and information regarding therapy access. The options themselves are chosen from a library of potential therapies, including those that go beyond standard of care and guidelines-based management, and even beyond clinical trial matching. The most promising treatments are identified and presented, even when non-traditional methods are needed to access those treatments (e.g., compassionate use program enrollment for an experimental treatment, or; patient assistance for access to a drug or drug combination outside of its primary indication).

Cancer Journeys and Treatment Options Reports are available to patients and their providers at no cost — patients participate with their data, and providers receive obligation-free information for any registered patient who has identified them as their treating oncologist. Both patients and linked providers receive access to xCures’ reports simultaneously, allowing for guided review and discussion.

A patient’s Treatment Options Report is generated through a combination of xCures’ technology, overseen by an expert team of Ph.D. scientists. It takes into account patient features, a broad set of patient outcomes data, expert recommendations, and insights from virtual tumor boards, public data sources, and an active learning network. Through xDECIDE, providers also have an opportunity to contribute to the refinement of xCures’ technology by making treatment decisions that feedback into xCures’ ever-growing knowledge base.

Providers who have collaborated with xCures via their xACCESS platform (e.g., expanded/managed access program) will see the xDECIDE toolset as an adjunct feature in their portal. As of today’s general availability of xDECIDE, all providers and staff users may also create new accounts via the following link: https://provider.xcures.com/signup To access these same resources as a patient, please register here: https://patient.xcures.com/signup