xCures partners with CureScience to make leading translational research available to advanced cancer patients

Doctors and patients will benefit from the integration of xCures’ patient-oriented tracking infrastructure and CureScience’s precision medicine tools

Today, xCures announced its partnership with CureScienceTM so that patients across the US can have access to leading translational science approaches through a decentralized clinical research platform.

The xCures platform will track outcomes and clinical endpoints to validate CureScience’s assays and research protocols, thereby leveraging CureScience’s diagnostic assays and growing precision medicine resources. This synergy will be highly beneficial for patients and doctors dealing with advanced cancer by recognizing and targeting specific patients and patient populations that may benefit from a particular test or treatment.

“xCures’ collaboration with CureScience presents a significant step towards reaching our mutual goal to help advanced cancer patients,” stated Mika Newton, xCures’ CEO. “Together, we will be able to identify better treatments and treatment regimens through the use of real-world data, scalable technologies, as well as patient advocacy and empowerment.”

Besides the benefits this collaboration can deliver to patients and doctors, it can also provide insight into novel assays for CureScience to develop. Results obtained will be key for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies focused on cancer therapeutics and diagnostics and enable negotiations of broader access to investigational and approved therapies.

“One of our goals is to empower patients to make informed decisions. A collaboration with xCures on patient-facing and outcomes tracking infrastructure provides a significant value towards this goal,” stated Shashaanka Ashili, CEO of CureScience. “This collaboration provides an opportunity to identify and implement joint clinical and translational opportunities that will lead towards achieving personalized precision medicine goals.”

About CureScienceTM Institute

CureScience is a San Diego based organization dedicated to developing curative therapies through a pre-emptive and personalized approach based on a) early diagnosis, b) immunology, and c) regenerative medicine. Our work is focused on accelerating the translation through in-house research, establishing disease-centric ThinkTanks, and building a patient-centric ecosystem.

About xCures

xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that connects cancer patients and physicians with optimal investigational or approved therapies. The platform prospectively generates real-world evidence for clinical studies and decentralized trials. For more information, visit www.xcures.com or contact info@xcures.com.


This news was was also released on EIN Presswire