xCures provides early access to xINFORM

Today, xCures enabled early access to xINFORM, an A.I.-powered platform for advanced cancer patients to identify personalized treatment options to discuss with their doctors.

xINFORM is available at no charge. Patients participate with their data and receive treatment options that combine the leading thinking in precision medicine, patient preferences, and access mechanisms.

Patients with a late-stage diagnosis, who have exhausted the standard of care or can’t tolerate the standard of care, often have a less than 1 in 2 chance of 5-year survival. These patients and their caregivers have an urgent need to prioritize the best potential treatment options.

Understanding the complex field of precision medicine and emerging therapeutic approaches is daunting. Every patient is unique.

Through xINFORM, xCures helps patients find options that include combinations of existing therapeutic approaches and investigational therapies. xINFORM delivers knowledge on access mechanisms such as rationales for the use of medications in new indications, clinical trials, and expanded access (compassionate use) that empowers patients and their doctors to pursue the options they choose efficiently.

xINFORM is available to those who follow a simple registration process (<5 minutes), allowing xCures to gather and structure relevant medical records using artificial intelligence. The xCures A.I.-powered platform, combined with insights from leading oncologists and cancer biologists, then generates a comprehensive Cancer Journey and a personalized Treatment Options Report.

The report lists treatment options and rationales based on the latest clinical evidence, trials, and knowledge accumulated from how other patients responded to the treatment options they have pursued. The documents are intended to be shared with oncologists and the patient’s care team for review.

“xCures’ technology platform has been built on the experience of the best patient navigation and information services available. By leveraging the experience of thousands of patient journeys, we developed the right operating infrastructure and offered this service in partnership with patient advocacy organizations for several years. Now, with xINFORM, we are very excited to make the powerful platform we have built directly available to patients,” said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. “Our clinical decision support tools give both treating oncologists and patients more time to discuss a prioritized set of treatment options, eliminating countless hours of complex research.”

More information and sign up at: www.xcures.com/patients-providers