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A podcast on how the healthtec revolution is helping cancer patients
Episode #10 — 11/14/2021

Mika Newton & Dr. Seun Omofoye

Dr. Seun Omofoye is a neurosurgical oncologist building his practice Myrtle Beach. He and Mika discuss early and common symptoms of brain tumors, first steps after diagnostic imaging, reliable resources to start research, along with some of the latest challenges and advancements in the neurosurgery field.

Let xCures be your ally against cancer.

There are 1000's approved, off-label, experimental, and combination treatments. Each year there are 150,000 cancer treatment articles published and 1.7 million new cancer patients.

However, there are only 13,000 oncologists and 24 hours in a day. Cancer is personal and A.I. can help.

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