xCures announces collaboration with CancerCompass to better support patients and caregivers through their cancer journey

Today, xCures announced their collaboration with CancerCompass, allowing consumers who contact CancerCompass to access the xCures’ platform and services.

“xCures partnering with CancerCompass is a significant step toward improving access to personalized knowledge about advanced cancer treatment options,” stated Mika Newton, xCures’ CEO. “This is important progress in our mission to broaden the availability of our comprehensive cancer case review services, positively affecting the largest number of cancer patients and their physicians.”

Consumers who purchase xCures’ comprehensive cancer case review service benefit from the xCures team organizing and structuring their medical records into high quality “Cancer Journey” patient summaries. These summaries are reviewed by xCures’ clinical scientists and utilized to identify appropriate treatment possibilities. For this, a proprietary options library, encompassing a highly curated set of novel therapies and multi-drug combinations vetted by leading oncologists and cancer scientists, will be referenced. xCures provides each patient with a summary report, suitable for sharing with their oncologist, consisting of a case summary, a list of top options, the rationale supporting each recommendation, and how to access the options.

When needed, xCures will also help patients access their preferred options, including contacting clinical trial sites, obtaining investigational therapies through managed access and compassionate use programs, and petitioning for insurance coverage for off-label use of approved drugs. At the patient’s request, xCures may also convene a Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) where nationally recognized cancer experts further refine the xCures options summary based on a discussion of the patient’s personal medical history and preferences. VTBs are currently available for brain and pancreatic cancers and are planned for other cancers shortly.

“At CancerCompass, we believe that cancer is personal and that treatment options and journeys should be individualized to align with each patient’s needs and preferences,” stated Lisa Keane, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of CancerCompass. “Our collaboration with xCures is so well aligned with our mission to empower patients and caregivers throughout their cancer experience.”

About CancerCompass
CancerCompass is the first direct-to-consumer oncology platform to inform and empower consumers, patients, and caregivers through every step of their cancer journey, from prevention and wellness to diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and end of life care. CancerCompass is a trusted resource, matching patients to the right information, services, and care for them, based on their individual needs and preferences. For more information, please call (844) 4MY-HLTH or visit www.cancercompass.com.

About xCures
xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that connects cancer patients/physicians with optimal investigational or approved therapies. The platform prospectively generates real-world evidence for clinical studies and decentralized trials. For more information, visit www.xcures.com and/or contact info@xcures.com.