In the fight against cancer,
information is the most powerful weapon.

The xCures platform arms cancer patients and their care providers with the data tools they need to make the most informed decisions at point-of-care.

Within 15 minutes, patients can get all their medical records in one place, even if they changed provider, city, or network.

Using advanced A.I. technology, critical data is extracted and structured. The resulting care summary is easy to analyze by patients, loved ones, care providers, and researchers.

Patients and their care teams can benefit from the collective data of everyone on the platform, and in return, provide their data to the platform for future patient benefit.

The xCures Platform accelerates clinical care today and research tomorrow.

Centralized Medical Record Access

xCures consolidates your medical records from various healthcare facilities into a single, accessible location. This centralization is particularly beneficial for cancer patients, who often have complex medical histories.

Patient Advocacy Support

xCures powers a diverse array of activities including patient navigation services, prospective decentralized trials, natural history studies, and hypothesis-generating research. Moreā€¦

Empowering Informed Decision-Making

The clarity and accessibility of medical data provided by xCures is essential in navigating treatment options and care strategies, especially when seeking second opinions or considering new treatment approaches.

Facilitating Research and Development

With your consent, your data becomes a valuable asset for future disease-specific research. Your contribution is vital for advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer

Streamlining Healthcare Encounters

By providing a comprehensive and unified view of your medical history, xCures ensures that all parties are well-informed and can work together effectively in managing your health journey

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