Explore the potential of licensing the xCures Platform to gather structured medical data from anywhere in the US within 15 minutes.

The power of The xCures Platform is now available to everyone.

Clinically actionable, real-time insights

The xCures Platform employs AI/ML technologies to seamlessly acquire, extract, organize, and annotate medical records and provide real-time access to the source-verifiable clinical data.

Designed to improve clinical decisions, the Platform now also excels in generating real-world evidence of product benefits and supports prospective/retrospective research.

What will you do with the xCures Platform?

We help you to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

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Acquire Medical Records

The platform enables users to automatically gather and organize medical records for patients anywhere in the US.

Extract Data

Assisted by A.I., the xCures platform generates structured and standardized data representations of patients from their medical records.

Annotate Data

The platform enables users to easily augment their datasets with novel or custom data elements found within patient source record text.

Identify Patients

Use the platform to find patients that meet user-defined criteria in our rapidly growing datasets (and get alerted immediately as new patients match).

Match Patients

Set up inclusion and exclusion criteria to match patients with trials, tests, or approved interventions.

Deliver Alerts

The platform enables direct delivery of educational content to patients, providers, and/or partners when a patient meets an eligibility profile.

Create a Registry

Use the platform to generate or improve registries and to conduct natural history studies. More 

Conduct Research

Prospective and retrospective studies. Observational and clinical outcomes studies. There are endless ways to use the platform for research.

Monitor Outcomes

Use the platform to understand and characterize how a patient population is responding to specific care practices.

Determine Care Gaps

Review your whole patient population. Are patients getting the best care? Where are the biggest gaps?

Generate Evidence

Transform patient clinical data into valuable and actionable evidence.

Support Clinical Decisions

Harness a standardized and complete baseline understanding of patients to best support clinical decision-making tools and processes.

Support Care Delivery

Get the timely and precise information you need to empower your service delivery at the point of care.

Support Care Operations

Easily integrate the data elements you need in real-time to support your existing product processes.

Create Data Assets

Leverage our tooling to generate de-identified data assets and unlock new revenue streams for your organization.

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