xUTILITY to Lead the Way Integrating Research and Patient Care

Seamless integration with existing healthcare infrastructures drives unprecedented possibilities to improve medical research and patient care.

xCures, a trailblazer in healthcare technology, is delighted to unveil xUTILITY, a solution poised to transform the patient registry paradigm in the United States.

xUTILITY establishes an instantaneous patient registry platform by retrieving records nationwide and automatically digitizing and structuring the electronic health data into a common data model with AI-enhanced abstraction and source verification, as needed.

In order to provide a 360-degree view of patient health, xUTILITY includes comprehensive capture capabilities for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data.

“The integration of research and care is the future of healthcare,” said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. “xUTILITY brings this future to the present by delivering rich, comprehensive, and timely patient data. This connectivity will spur personalized, efficient care and groundbreaking medical discoveries.”

The platform’s ability to capture Real-Time, Regulatory-Grade Clinical Data (RRC) is pivotal to delivering quality patient care and pursuing groundbreaking medical research. 

xUTILITY’s distinctive feature is its ability to accommodate user document uploads, integrated with automated data extraction. 

The resulting synchronized data architecture introduces a new era of research-driven patient care. Its innovative data extraction process, bolstered by a complete data annotation workflow, adheres to 21 CFR Part 11, signifying xCures’ unyielding commitment to data integrity.

The unprecedented level of automation offered by xUTILITY translates to a remarkable workforce multiplier, with up to a 30-fold improvement in efficiency of data curation. This efficiency enables healthcare organizations to expedite decision-making, improve health outcomes, and enhance operational effectiveness.

With xUTILITY, xCures is charting a course toward a future where the integration of research and care forms the backbone of healthcare delivery.

About xCures

xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that automatically retrieves medical records from all sites of care. The (unstructured) data is aggregated and organized into a powerful, always up-to-date care summary that helps cancer patients get the right therapy at the right time.

The platform’s portals, xINFORM for patients and xDECIDE for providers, facilitate treatment option decisions.

The research portal, xUTILITY, generates Real-time, Regulatory-grade, Clinical data (RRC) for studies and decentralized trials. For more information, contact info@xcures.com.