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xCures data is derived from uninterrupted longitudinal patient journeys and includes normalized data from every encounter, every provider, and every site.

This diverse, complete, and source-verifiable data is now available for licensing.

Normalized data elements for ease of research 120 + Records per Patient 1,500 Provider locations across the US 200,000 + Conditions and rising fast 380,000 + Data elements extracted 420,000,000 + Medical records processed 140,000,000 +

The xCures Platform is used to rapidly extract data from clinical, genomic, claims, and imaging records from labs, hospitals, community/family practices, and many other care settings across the US.

You can get access to continuous real-world data streams across providers and conditions, for seamless evidence generation.

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xCures Data Can Show...

Fully Longitudinal Patient Journeys
Treatment Benefits
NGS Data
Product Displacement
Stage Progression

And much more...

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